Distributing World Class Solar and Rechargeable
Electricity across Zambia since 2015


Distributing World Class Solar and Rechargeable Electricity across Zambia since 2015

The Newtech Legacy

Newtech started their operation in March 2006. They successfully brought Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) into Zambia in 2008, a market which was till then a monopoly of an MNC.

Similarly, in the Retail Business, Newtech successfully brought into Zambia in 2009, a low cost, more user-friendly Retail Management, and Accounting Software Systems, challenging the monopoly position enjoyed by another MNC. This System has been accorded approval by Zambia Revenue Authority. In line with its business philosophy of products with innovative technology, in September 2012 Newtech introduced in the Zambian Market, the first of its kind Currency Processors from the world-renowned Manger International of USA.

Annamalai Swaminathan


Mr. Annamalai Swaminathan is a Hardware Engineer and also the founder of Newtech Energy. He is a technocrat with more than ten years of experience in the field of Computer hardware and software, Networking and Electronic products. He comes with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of system integration and configuration and troubleshooting. He has an extensive experience on repairing of ATM machines from some of the most reputed Banking Equipment of Zambia. He has a vast knowledge of V-Sat equipment & installation and has worked on several projects of security cameras & bio metric access control equipments.

Subramaniam Annamalai


Mr. Subramaniam Annamalai is a Finance and Information Technology professional with almost 35 years of total experience at various Companies. The experience profile spans across both private and public sector companies, in different businesses like Engineering, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Refinery, Tele-communication and Polyester and Textiles. The positions held are in various capacities starting from Manager (Finance) to Director (Finance) of Group comprising of about 7 Companies in India and abroad.

During his service at different Companies, in addition to Finance and Information Technology (IT), he also was a part of Legal and Secretarial functions projects. He handled Top level management functions which include overseas technical and financial collaboration matters, Joint Ventures, Acquisitions and Mergers, setting up of new businesses and other related subjects.

Current Affairs

Newtech Business System Limited (Newtech), headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia, had introduced world class batteries to Zambia by 2015. Right now, Newtech is one of the most reputed distributors of Solar and Rechargeable Electricity, sourcing its products from some of the world-renowned suppliers and providing best in class service to its customers. With its world-class products and services, Newtech ensures a higher quality of consumer touch-points and enhances customer delight.

Newtech currently distributes and maintains all sorts of Solar power backup solutions. They have presence all across Zambia, with 9 branches across all 10 provinces.

At Newtech, we aim to be Zambia’s most customer centric company in the fields of Solar and Rechargeable Electricity Backup. We aim to continually raise the bar of the customer experience by using new age technology superior energy saving products to help consumers find and discover perfect energy solutions according to their needs and empower business owners to optimize their success.


To deliver innovative technology and services that make businesses better, through a combination of customer knowledge, ideal product sourcing, supportive suppliers and continuous development of our skills and expertise for better service.


Products with innovative technology and service that differentiates.

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