End-to-End Rechargeable Battery Backup Systems

Newtech Energy offers end to end Renewable Battery based back-up systems. Battery based systems were earlier used for smaller capacity due to the cost involved, but the rising cost of other power sources, and the lack of power has seen a steady increase in battery based system. There are various kinds of electricity Backup to choose from depending on the requirement.


At Newtech, you can have complete energy independence by choosing from our list of product to meet your home requirements. Newtech assures quality Batteries designed to run any domestic device like pumps, security systems, refrigerators and electronics when utility grid power is unavailable.


At Newtech, we cater to every customer’s requirement. There are various kinds of batteries to support your office depending on the office setup. These are designed to operate independently off the grid which can sync with your setup. There are also options to convert your existing Power backup system into Renewable Battery based Systems! This section has everything you need in choosing the most optimum setup for your needs.


Our industrial segment includes Renewable Battery power backup systems which has a verity of usage starting from traction equipment (forklifts, golf carts, and electric vehicles), infrastructure sector (railway, telecom, solar, power generation and utilities) and exports (traction and standby). We provide the widest range of lead acid storage batteries in the world for an end to end solution.

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